In terms of the provisions of the Federal Law on the protection of personal data held by individuals (hereinafter referred to as “the Law”), Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C. an educational institution, establishes this Privacy Notice in accordance with the following:

Terms and Conditions

1. The purpose of this Privacy Notice is to protect the personal data of members of the educational community (applicants, students, graduates, managers, teachers and administrative staff) through their legitimate, controlled and informed treatment in order to guarantee their privacy, as well as your right to informative self-determination.

2. Personal data is any information concerning an identified or identifiable actual person. The person responsible for collecting personal data is the area of school promotion (promotion processes and enrollment of students); the area of school control (once students have formally enrolled); and the area of human resources (for management, teaching and administrative staff).

3. The address of Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C. and the responsible area is the same as that registered with the Secretariat of Public Education.

4. Al proporcionar tus Datos Personales por escrito, a través de una solicitud, formato en papel, formato digital, correo electrónico, o cualquier otro documento, aceptas 4. By providing your personal data in writing, through an application, paper format, digital format, e-mail, or any other document, you accept and authorize the Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C. to use and process your personal data and information in an automated manner. to automatically use and process your personal data and information supplied, which will form part of our database for the purpose of using them, which includes but is not limited to: identifying you, locating you, communicating with you, contacting you, sending you information and/or goods, as well as sending them and/or transferring them to third parties, within and outside the national territory, by any means permitted by law to comply with our social purposes. By accepting and authorizing the processing of your personal data in the terms stated above, you expressly authorize us to transfer them to authorities at any level (Federal, State, Municipal), public and private agencies, various companies and / or individuals, within and outside Mexico, for the purpose of certifying your studies and skills, as well as participating in their recruitment processes and applying to the various vacant jobs that they publish in our Job Center, and authorize us to issue documentation, official or otherwise, to your legal representatives, family or relatives.

5. The duration of the handling of your personal data will be indefinite from the date in which you provide them to us, with you being able to oppose the handling of them at any time you consider opportune, within the limitations of the Law. In case your opposition request is appropriate, Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C. will stop handling your personal data without any responsibility on our part. Excluded from this assumption are the databases referring to the grades and other academic information of students, former students and graduates of Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C. and students in mobility or on exchange programs from other institutions.

6. The area of Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C. responsible for the processing of your personal data is obliged to comply with the principles of legality, consent, information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality and responsibility protected by the Law. For this reason, based on Articles 13 and 14 of the Law, Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A. C. undertakes to maintain the strict confidentiality of your personal data, as well as to maintain the administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect them against any damage, loss, alteration, unauthorized access or treatment.

7. In terms of what is established by article 22 of the Law, you have the right at any time to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of your personal data, by means of a request via e-mail addressed to Lic. Jean Kasongo (, or in writing at the official address of Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C.. The request must respect the requirements established by the Law.

8. Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C. will occasionally modify and correct this Privacy Notice, we therefore ask you to review this notice regularly on the relevant website, or at

9. Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C. will protect your personal data under the terms of the Law, and will communicate to you the elements contained in the sections of article 16 of the Law.

10. By providing your personal data, covering the registration fee to Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C. and selecting subjects, you indicate your full acceptance of the content of this Privacy Notice. However, we also ask you to agree by signing this same document, which will be part of your file as a member of Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C.

I accept the content of the Privacy Notice given to me by Lycée Franco Mexicain Jules Verne, A.C.