Our pedagogy

The LFI offers a teaching system in accordance with the French curriculum. Our pedagogy is based on strengthening the abilities and qualities of each student in order to face the challenges of openness to the world in a committed and autonomous way, in addition to providing him/her with the knowledge and tools to reason and take decisions.


Our teaching is based on maintaining levels of excellence by applying a committed pedagogy whose objective is the development of the personal project of each and every student.

Language teaching

We place special emphasis on the teaching of languages. We are bilingual in Nursery with Spanish and French, trilingual in Primary where we add English, multilingual in Secondary where German is added, and where a fifth language will be added as of 2020.

To choose the Lycée Français International Jules Verne

is to opt for a humane and successful education that is recognized worldwide.

Our school is accredited by the French Ministry of National Education in Pre-school and Elementary School. The other cycles are in the process of being accredited. We are also part of the network of 492 French schools that make up the French teaching network in the world.

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